The FSWM Mission:
Enable the adoption of Renewable Energy in Hurricane-prone regions through the use of ‘Automated, Active-Protection’ mounting systems.

Benefits of CycloBarrier® Systems

Why Choose CycloBarrier®?
+ Rapid Installation.

Rapid Installation on Prepared Surfaces (6-Week Installation - 1 mW Field).

+ Land Efficient.

Efficient Land Usage - 1 mW Power Plant < 1.6 Acres

+ Protection of Infrastructure.

Survivability factor of 85% when Subjected to Category 4 Wind Speeds.

+ Rapid Post-Storm Power Restoration.

Survivability Factor of 85% When Subjected to Category 4 Wind-Speeds. Reliability Factor of 95%.

+ Remote Control of Systems.

Web-Based/Satellite, ‘Field Control’ Application Available.

CycloBarrier® Products

Our Barrier®, Sentinal® and Guardian® Series of Products
Our Barrier® Series is designed for installed energy production facilities.
Our Sentinal® Series is designed for rapid mobility and creative installed deployment applications.
Our Guardian® Series is designed for residential applications.

Barrier® Series

Barrier® products are designed to survive the highest wind speeds:
Here is what you can accomplish when you choose Barrier® Products.

Storm Protection
Storm protection for your infrastructure. Our systems are designed to withstand a category 4 hurricane.
Get Back Online Quickly
Get your installation back to producing power minutes after the storm has safely passed.
Longevity for Your  Installation
Barrier installations are designed to last up to 75 years.

Barrier® Series

Solar Field Retractable Unit
Key Unit Features:
•Hurricane Resistant
•Each Unit Securely Mounts 48 Commercial Solar Panels.
•Modular and Scalable Design.
•Units Are Designed To Be Applied In Parallel (Commercial / Industrial ‘Micro-Grids’)

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Barrier® Series

Wind Turbine Protection Unit
Key Unit Features:
•Highly Resilient, INTENDED for Application in Hurricane-Prone Regions
•Each Unit Securely Mounts A 3-Meter Wind Turbine
•Available up to a 75-Year ‘Design Life’ (Limited Product Warranty, Service at Scheduled Intervals)
•Fully Automated Control System, < 15 Minute “Storm-Deployment” Cycle

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Sentinal® Products

Sentinal® Mobility Products are designed for flexible deployment needs.

Housed in an iso-modal shipping container, These products can be permanently installed, or stored at a remote location and then quickly deployed after a hurricane.
Many Uses
FEMA, AEMEAD, Critical Infrustrucure (Hospitals, Fire / Police Stations, Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities).
Quickly Deployed
Sets up in minutes once on site. All necessary equipment is on-board in the container.

Sentinal® Series

Iso-Modal Container Unit
Key Unit Features:
•Hurricane Resistant
•Can be permanently mounted, or...
•Units can be stored off site and moved in quickly after a storm.
•Modular and scalable applications possible.

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Curated Information

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With all of the information and images presented in the following weblinks, it is apparent that it is time for a new paradigm for energy production in hurricane prone areas. It's time for cyclobarrier!